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The capital of Lithuania is a beautiful spot for a championship. The Faculty of Law is the venue where it all takes place. Playing and dining hall are in the same building. Accommodation will be in rooms for 2 or 3 persons in the Student Campus.

20th European Youth Championship

This year the European Youth Championship will be organised for the 20th time. It is an honour to host this event in Vilnius, Lithuania.

We are looking forward to meeting all the participants and their coaches on July 31th.

See you then!


The deadline to apply for participation is June 20st.

Applications (only from national federations) should be sent by e-mail to EDC (registration@europedraughts.org and y.lipnitsky@gmail.com ) and contain the list of players in order of tournaments with full name, surname, date of birth, also the name of the official representative of national federation on the Championship.