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  • Double Draughts success in Vilnius
    The European Youth Championship Draughts were successful in several ways. Ten days of hosting 400 people, both players and coaches and organizing a numerous tournaments is a huge task, but the Lithuanian Draughts Federation made it happen. Gaining eight medals, including one gold, is another big success for the Lithuanian
  • Hard work pays off – blitz medals
    What do you want for your birthday? One golden and one silver medal please. "You got to work for that!" Priit did and won on his birthday. On the same day 29 other draughts lovers won golden, silver or bronze medals. Congratulations to you
  • Medalceremony Rapid
    Mister Grzegorz M. Poznański, Minister-Counsellor of the Polish Embassy in Vilnius, handed over the trophies at the rapid en blitz
  • Blitz!
    The last competition of the European Youth Championship: blitz: only five minutes plus 3 seconds per move. Enjoy the
  • This is how rapid looks like!
    Enjoy the pictures of the rapid
  • Dutch ambassador came to visit
    The Dutch ambassador in Vilnius, Bert van der Lingen, honored the organization of the tournament with his presence on the closure ceremony. He arrived a bit earlier to meet the orange colored Dutch
  • Medals, medals and more medals
    Congratulations to all
  • Composition competition
    On Monday August 6th 80 participants joined the composition competition. The winners were rewarded with diploma's and medals during the closure ceremony on the
  • Today is Rapid Wednesday!
    The Rapid games have begun! There are even more participants in these championships. The university building just got one big venue. Results and pairing of each round wil be announced by the referee. If you want to check these online, please use the direct links provided in this post. This is to avoid too heavy traffic to the tournament
  • Three medals to young Lithuanian draughts players
    For the first time in history Lithuania won three medals in a European Youth Draughts competition, 100 squares. All medals were welcomed with a big round of
  • Last chance to score points
    The last tour has started. For some it is the most exciting tour - will they succeed in getting a top-3 position? Maybe...
  • Look, a different draughts set!
    Did you see this big draughts board with big pieces? Looks fun, huh? Well, it is as much fun to play on this board as it is to play on a normal draughts board, or play on your iPad or internet. Why is Ema Radonova using this
  • Will a Lithuanian girl win the gold?
    PRESS RELEASE - Vilnius - Over 250 young people between the age of 8 and 26 are playing on the 20th European Youth Championship Draughts 100. The anniversary edition is being held in Vilnius, Lithuania, for the first time in history.
  • 5.5 hours of playing!
    At 20.30 h it was quiet in the playing hall. Except in the corner where two girls were still playing. Their second game of the day was not an easy one!
  • Champions 1999 – 2017
    This year's Championship is the twentieth European Championship in a
  • Go swimming in Lake Balžis
    There is a beautiful lake at 13 km from the Vilnius University, a perfect spot for
  • Show your composition skills!
    On August 6th, at 16.00 h, there will be an International Draughts Composition Tournament, organized by the Lithuanian
  • Goodmorning!
    How did you start the fifth day of this championship? You had a breakfast and then... more coffee, some stretching, checking messages on your phone? Or were you among the first in the playing hall? No matter how you started it, enjoy this
  • What to do in Vilnius
    When you have a free afternoon, there are all kinds of things you can do in Vilnius. We have four suggestions for
  • Draughts vs Basketball
    While the youth played their games on this championship, Ingrida Drukteinyte (president of the EDC) and Janek Mäggi (president FMJD) made a visit to the townhall of
  • You win some, you lose some
    With only 3 games played (2 games for G26) almost everyone had to accept a loss or
  • Photos August 2nd
  • Photos August 1st Opening
  • Photos 1st tour
  • Lithuania hosts biggest draughts event for youth
    The annual meeting of the strongest youth draughts players is taking place in Vilnius this week. The Lithuanian Draughts Federations organizes this European Championship. With that it is host for 17 countries that sent 259 participants. A huge